Know yourself. Ace the interview.
Land your dream job.

The Shift Profile™ can help you do it all.  

Interviewing Re-invented

The sleepless nights before the big interview. The second-guessing of wardrobe on the big day. The flop sweat when the interviewer poses a tough question.

We understand every nerve-racking angle of the interview process because we’ve been there. In fact, we’ve been on both sides of the table for nearly a decade.

As recruiters, we’ve sat helpless and watched as qualified candidates made simple mistakes, unwittingly sabotaging their chances for landing a great job.

In almost all cases, lack of self-awareness was the candidates’ biggest short coming. Qualified and capable job seekers stumbled not because they didn’t have the experience or ability, but because they didn’t know their personal interview style and how to effectively apply it to the interview process.

We could see the job-seeking industry needed a wakeup call, so we invented a revolution starter.  

The SHIFT Profile™  is unlike any interview prep book because it is tailored exclusively to YOU and your interview style. It marries psychological assessment with tried-and-true best practices in a customized guide aimed to give you an edge in landing the job that will change your life.   

Your dream job is calling. All that stands in your way is awareness of yourself. That’s why we created the SHIFT Profile™ for you, just for you.


how it works

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    Take the 10-minute quiz

    The results of our research-backed personality quiz will determine your unique interview style.

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    Know Your Interview Style. Prepare for Success.

    Armed with self-awareness, you’ll have a keen sense of your strengths and weaknesses as an interviewee.

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    Interview with confidence.

    Be more prepared than you’ve ever been on interview. Know every situation and how to react like a pro.

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    Land your dream job.

    Get the job you’ve earned. Live the life you’ve imagined.

What's in The Shift Profile™?

Expert Interview Advice Tailored to YOU.

With the Shift Profile™, you’ll be armed with knowledge that’s critical to landing the job of your dreams. Including:

  • Your personal interview style, revealing your strengths and weaknesses
  • The types of interviews to expect and the questions asked at each
  • The thee phases of the interview process
  • Questions to help negotiate a higher salary
  • What NOT to say
  • What to wear (and NOT to wear)
  • Body language tips to portray confidence

You’ll also receive:

  • Resume tools, including cover letter and thank you email templates.
  • Thought exercises to help stay in mental shape for future interviews
  • Advice on how to create a personal brand



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