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“I losed”

My son is 5 and my daughter is 2. Sometimes they compete against each other in little races around the house. My son always wins because he’s bigger. When he crosses the imaginary finish line, he throws his hands up and yells, “I WON!” Then when my daughter glides across the finish line she throws …

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How to survive working from home during a pandemic

During this global Coronavirus pandemic a lot of organizations have mandated that their employees work from home. Some people and some organizations routinely work from home but for those of you who are new to managing a team remotely here are a few tips to keep everyone safe, engaged, and productive.
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________ isn’t the antidote to my suffering, I AM.

I don't know about you but I spend a fair amount of time wondering why someone acted the way they did. Why they aren't calling me back? Why did the say it that way? And I had an epiphany recently, How much time am I wasting trying to figure this out?
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Live your life as if your future depends on it.

I just celebrated 20 years of living in Philly and recently turned 40. All of this has gotten me thinking about time. How much can change in just a few years and how much things stay the same. What are the moments in my life that will change my future? This weekend I watched Back …
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What do you do right?

An obvious approach in achieving a goal is to uncover what isn't working. Just as important however is figuring out what is. All too often clients hire me because they have hit a wall and feel as though they can't get any further because of x, y and z. I usually ask them to tell me what their greatest accomplishments have been thus far.
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Don’t blame the plant

If a plant doesn't grow, you don't blame the plant. You look for reasons why it isn't thriving. Perhaps it needs more sun, less water or a bigger pot. Why then do we blame ourselves and other people when we don't thrive in certain jobs and relationships?
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Anna Papalia - Founder & CEO, Shift Profile - Charmer

Doubt to certainty

I left my corporate job eight years ago this week. I started my own business two months later. I wish I could say that I had a brilliant business plan all laid out and quarterly goals set, I did not. I left on a mission. Let me reiterate, I left my stable job with benefits
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Are you discontent?

There are 2 reasons you are discontent.You are already living your ideal life but you don’t know that you are.ORYou don’t have enough life experience to know what your ideal life is.
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stack of money

Is money worth it?

We work for money but often the work that we do costs us more than the money we make. Your job may suck the life right out of you. Is money worth it? Your boss may make you crazy. Is money worth it? You may put your life on hold until you get a raise or a bonus. Is money worth it?
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Two career questions everyone should ask

Are you unhappy at work? Are you struggling to figure out why you are unhappy? Often when we are unhappy it’s hard to figure out why because unhappiness colors our view and makes everything seem awful. If you are struggling with career unhappiness, and you can’t see the metaphoric forest from the trees may I suggest making it very simple- just ask yourself these two questions.
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man holding binders

10 Rules to Survive Working in a Cubicle

After surveying 100 executives I was shocked.. 1) What happens in your cubicle doesn’t stay in your cubicle! - DON’T USE SPEAKERPHONE Everyone hears everything and you are always on display. You have to learn how to get along with your neighbors. Being liked shouldn’t be underestimated! Social capital is just as important as your ability to do the job.
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Your ability to do the job won’t get you hired

I had a conversation with a friend recently who told me that interviewing is like acting and he won’t take any part in it. He refuses to network or sell himself and he was unwilling to budge on creating a personal narrative that was persuasive and upbeat. To him, being able to do the job
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