Discover Your Interview Style (Nov 11) – For Hiring Managers


Accredited by SHRM for 3.0 PDCs, the SHIFT Your Interview Style Online Workshop will teach you how to shift between the Four Interview Styles Framework to interview better through self-awareness and make better hires. The SHIFT Profile is a revolutionary and scientifically valid personality assessment proven to help you discover your interview style. You’ll receive a 40-page customized interview Shift Profile to accompany the workshop.

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Course Title: Discover Your Interview Style
Date: November 11, 2021, 1:00pm
Earn 3.0 PDCs

Course Description:
During this powerful online training, you’ll discover whether you interview like a Charmer, Challenger, Examiner, or Harmonizer based on the Four Interview Styles Framework. Learn how to maximize your interviewing skills through understanding your primary interview style, as well as identify and shift into other styles when needed. At the end of this course, you will have all the tools you need to improve your interview skills, feel more comfortable in all four of the interview styles, and fill open positions with dream hires. Don’t let personal biases and lack of self-awareness keep you from overlooking exceptional candidates. Your SHIFT Profile is the scientifically valid framework you need to shift your interview skills from fine to first-rate. Accredited by SHRM, for every Shift Profile we sell, we donate one to a recently incarcerated individual to help them improve their own interview skills.

What You’ll Learn:
• Identify your Shift Profile
• Understand the Four Interview Styles Framework
• How to Interview with your Opposite Style
• How to Shift your Style
• How to Read Another Person’s Style
• Understand Elements of the Shift Profile
• Understand Biases and Their Effects
• Interview Questions to Ask and to Axe
• Conduct a Successful Interview
• Anticipate Candidate Questions
• How to Know Who to Hire
• How to Create a Hiring Procedure
• Create an Interview Template
• Tips for Small Talk with Candidates
• Improve Pre-Interview Scenarios

This training is for any hiring manager who needs PDCs and desires to interview better from a place of confident self-awareness.

Discover Your Interview Style Nov. 11th

November 11, 2021