Hiring is tough right now, let us teach you how to hire better.

The most important business decisons
are made in interviews.

90% of hiring managers were NEVER trained to interview.
That means, they were NEVER trained to make the most important business decisions.

Are you prepared to make them?

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After teaching over 10,000 clients to interview better,
Anna Papalia realized that the key to interviewing is NOT pretending to be something you're not.

It's self-awareness.

Understanding how you truly come across in an interview is the key to success.

Extroverts interview differently than introverts.

If you are steadfast you're unlikely to change your interview answers.

Challengers interview differently than Harmonizers.

We all prefer people who are like us but it's time that we recognize that we don't all interview the same way.

In this LIVE Zoom training you will Discover Your Interview Style and the interview styles of others.


  • Are you prepared for the interview - interview checklist

    Take the 10-minute quiz

    The results of our research-backed personality quiz will determine your unique interview style.

  • Hiring ideas

    Attend the training

    Armed with self-awareness, you’ll have a keen sense of your strengths and weaknesses as a hiring manager.

  • SHIFT profiel report and preparation guide

    Interview better

    Be more prepared than you’ve ever been for interviews. Know every situation and how to react like a pro.

  • How to shake hands with candidates

    Hire faster

    Overcome personal biases and fill open positions with diverse hires.


HR PROS, this training is certified for 3 SHRM PDC’s

There are lots of assessments out there
only a few are scientifically valid and backed in science.

Did you know that Myers Briggs is NOT scientifically valid?! It's junk science!
Not Shift Profile we are proud to be validated by the
Assessments Standards Institute and certified SHRM trainers.

SHRM Interviewing Workshop


Our mission is to teach hiring managers how to interview better.

With our proven, scientifically valid personality assessment, you will discover your interview style and learn how to shift to make better hires.

looking inside and discover interview style
Hiring Manager Interview Training SHIFT profile
  • You will receive a Shift Profile, a 40-page customized, interview prep workbook
  • Live workshop lead by our CEO Anna Papalia, the founder of the Four Interview Styles and author of the upcoming book, "The Four Interview Styles"
  • Proven tips and tools on how to interview better
  • Coaching and pre-interview thought exercises, resources, and a platform to ask questions
Anna Papalia CEO of SHIFT profile interview assessment

Meet your instructor

The former Director of Talent Acquisition and Career Coach founded Shift in 2011 to empower job seekers with self-awareness and teach hiring managers that the most important business decisions are made in interviews. She created Shift Profile, an industry-leading personality assessment that teaches job seekers and hiring managers how to interview better.

A personal development keynote speaker. Her inspiring talks teach empowerment and confidence through actionable tips and stories from her career on both sides of the interview table. Her thought leadership is sought after, she has personally worked with over 10,000 clients and conducted hundreds of corporate training sessions.


When you invest in yourself, you also invest in others.

For every Shift Profile we sell we donate one to someone who was recently incarcerated through our partnership with JEVS.

Group interview
charmer challenger harmonizer examiner

Are you a Charmer, Challenger, Examiner or Harmonizer? 

What Our Clients Are Saying

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"Shift Profile taught us how to change our approach to interviews - from the process we follow to the questions we ask and how to assess candidates."

-L. Moreno
Team 624 Communications

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“Shift Profile really helped us improve our hiring process. It’s going so much better than it ever has before.”

-M. Coleman
President & CEO
The Tactile Group

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-J. Kegerise
Talent Insights & Strategic Workfoce Planning Manager, Global Talent Acquisition

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"Working with Shift Profile helped me discover my needs, and narrow down my priorities when interviewing."

-M. Gevurtz
President & CEO


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