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You have HR issues but you don't have an HR department.

We offer project based solutions and ongoing retainer services tailor made for small to mid-sized companies 

You don't need a consultant to sell you a piece of paper, you need someone to execute a plan, enforce policies and do trainings. 

What our clients are saying.

"We believe that hiring well means investing in our staff and developing them here otherswise they will go elsewhere. We hired HR on Retainer to to teach us to interview better and had them come in once a month to provide training to our staff on everything from communication styles to a 360 Review."



"I started my business and had the business stuff figured out but I didn't know what to tell my employees when they asked me what our PTO poilcy was? They helped me figure out my goals and we made policies that were in line with my company. Now, I feel equipped to answer policy questions." 

Bob MacAfee

Zack job interview preparation

"The profile helped me understand my own style of interviewing (which I didn't even know I had) and then helped me build on that style to interview like a pro." 


We offer project based solutions and onging retainer services.

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Have you gotten these questions?

These are all HR services that we provide. 

"What's our mission?"

Step 1

Organizational Development 

We help you distill your mission and values so you can write policies and procedures from there. 

Org Development

A mission statement is more than just words, it is an intention that sets the course for your company and a foundation for your policies and procedures. Without a mission, you don't have a foundation from which to build. 

"Can I work from home?"

Step 4

Policies & Procedures

An Employee handbook lays out your policies, and communicates expectations. Without it you don't have a rule book to follow.

HR Policies & Procedures

Not only will we help you write an employee handbook but we can also help you enforce the policies and procedures. 

"Who's job
is that?"

Step 2

Employee Relations 

An organizational chart is more than just who reports to who it helps you create a management structure, and succession planning. 

Employee Relations

How do you engage your employees? Do you have a feedback system in place? How do review their performance? 

"How do I do that?"

Step 5

Learning & Development

Policies and procedures are ineffective if they aren't communicated and taught. 

Learning & development

Let us train your team on Diversity & inclusion, Leadership Development, DiSC, Shift Profile Interview Training and many more customized options. 

"Who should we hire?"

Step 3

Talent Acquisition

We use an assessment to teach you how to interview better not just advice. Then we give you data on your organization.

Talent Acquisition

The most important business decision are made in interviews. The culture of your company changes and effectiveness of your team depends on who you hire. 

"Heeeeeeeelp ME!"

Step 6


Managing well means giving super stars opportunities and poor performers the opportunity to improve. 


Managing well means coaching your team but you may not have the time to do that. We are executive coaches, and conduct one-on-one sessions, 360 reviews and management 101 trainings. 

You are not alone


of managers were NEVER trained to interview.

You know your business.
We know HR.

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Meet Our Team

We all have a passion for HR and experience in a variety of industries. 

Discover your interview style with SHIFT assessment

Rebecca Davis

Kevin Haines

Anna Papalia

David Orsi

Russell Rollins

You need someone to execute a plan, enforce policies and train your staff.

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We can help you.

These are HR services that we provide. 

Organizational Development

Behavioral competencies. Mission/Values/Why creation. Teambuilding. Succession Planning. 

Employee Relations

Progressive discipline. Employee engagement. Providing feedback. Exit interviews. Organizational exits. 

Talent Acquisition

Position descriptions. Onboarding. Recruiting Strategy. 

Poilicies & Procedures

Employee handbook. HR policies. 

Learning &Development

Diversity & Inclusion. Emotional intelligence. Leadership development. Interview styles. 


360 Reviews. Mentoring. Executive coaching. Management 101. 

Some of our clients

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