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The only interview prep of its kind is now SHRM certified

SHIFT has been trusted by over 5,000 clients to prepare for an interview. With its industry leading quiz backed by research, SHIFT has taken the guesswork out of interviewing.

How it works

  • Interviewing checklist for candidates

    Take the 10-minute Quiz

    The results of our research-backed quiz will determine you unique interview style. 

  • Hiring ideas

    Prepare for Success

    Armed with self-awareness, you'll know your strengths and weaknesses as an interviewer. 

  • SHIFT profiel report and preparation guide

    Interview with Confidence

    Let your personality take a back seat and let the candidate reveal who they are. 

  • Meeting with new boss

    Hire Top-Level Talent

    Find the gems you've previously overlooked. Hire. Succeed. Repeat. 

What our clients are saying

About their Shift Profiles

Jamie interview questions and preparation

“I like how the Interview Training was tailored to everyone’s personality, it made it more relevant.”


Interviewing after transition

“I really consider myself a good interviewer but now I see that I had blind spots I didn’t even know I had.”


erin asks interview questions to potential hires

“Anyone that interviews needs to do this!”


Interviewing after age 40

“We reduced our turnover and created a targeted strategy”


Interviewing Re-invented

Unlike any other interview prep book on the market, The SHIFT Profile provides you with personalized advice that outlines what you are doing right and wrong in interviews. Oh, and it’s backed by lots of research.

✔ Body language tips to portray confidence

✔ Your strengths & weaknesses

✔ Cover Letter & Thank You email template

✔ Types of interview questions

✔ Thought exercises

✔ How to create a personal brand

✔ Your approach & style

✔ Types of interviews to expect

✔ The 3 phases of the interview process

✔ Questions to negotiate a higher salary

✔ What not to say

✔ What to wear

Hiring Manager Interview Training SHIFT profile

Now, stress is optional

We’ve taken the guesswork out of interview preparation to save you time and confusion.

Interview prep and recommendations

Take the 10-minute quiz so we can determine Your Interview Style

women working on laptop SHIFT profile
Your interview coaching guide
The SHIFT profile report

Find out what Your Interview Style is.

It identifies what you need to work on so you can spend your time working on your weaknesses.

Your interview coaching guide

Now simply, use the profile to prepare for your next interview

It walks you through each phase of the process. You will be confident because you know what’s expected.

interview pamphlet
Your interview coaching guide
Recrutier interviewing candidate

Interview with confidence.

Now simply, use the SHIFT Profile to prepare for your next interview.

Finish interview dotted image

Simplify the process. Hire well.

With the most successful way to interview

Anna Papalia CEO of SHIFT profile interview assessment

Interviewing is about to change...

Meet Anna Papalia, Founder & Inventor of the SHIFT Profile


Until now, there have been two options; buy an interview prep book filled with general information that will only pertain to you some of the time or hire a career coach for expensive personalized advice. 


Now, there is a third, the SHIFT Profile. I created the SHIFT Profile™ to determine your interview style so that I can provide everyone the same personalized coaching I provide my private clients.

Anna Papalia

Founder & CEO of SHIFT