Your company is a result of who you hire.

Do your Hiring Managers know how to interview?

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The only interview prep of it’s kind

SHIFT has been trusted by over 3,000 clients to prepare for an interview. With its industry leading quiz backed by research, SHIFT has taken the guesswork out of interviewing.

Interviewing Solutions

for Companies

Customize HR consulting

Customized Consulting

We get to know your organization first and then provide training solutions that will work with your culture.


On-site Hiring Manager Training

Turn your Hiring Managers into acquisition and retention experts.

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Develop a hiring procedure

Create a hiring procedure that gets results

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Employee Development

Finding new employees is expensive. Provide interview training to your current staff so they can get that promotion.

Shift provides an unparalleled interview training experience.

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Interviewing Re-invented

Unlike any other interview prep book on the market, The SHIFT Profile provides you with personalized advice that outlines what you are doing right and wrong in interviews. Oh, and it’s backed by lots of research.

Simplify the process

Customized training for companies of all sizes to improve hiring, retention, diversity and employee development.

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✔ Assess hiring managers interview styles using our proprietary assessment

✔ Facilitate industry leading interview training on-site.

✔ Provide resume writing, mock interviews and interview coaching support

✔ Share strategies to acquire and retain top candidates

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Ready To Create A Hiring Strategy?

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Interviewing is about to change...

Meet Anna Papalia, Founder & Inventor of the SHIFT Profile


Until now, there have been two options; buy an interview prep book filled with general information that will only pertain to you some of the time or hire a career coach for expensive personalized advice. 


Now, there is a third, the SHIFT Profile. I created the SHIFT Profile™ to determine your interview style so that I can provide everyone the same personalized coaching I provide my private clients.

Anna Papalia

Founder & CEO of SHIFT

A better interview is a just a click away.