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The only interview prep of it’s kind

Besides adding more staff to your career development department there aren’t many options to provide interview skills to your students, until now. With our proprietary Interview Style Quiz, you can provide personalized interview coaching to your students without needing to staff up.


Customize HR consulting


Provide custom interview preparation workshops tailored to your students needs.


Speaking Engagements

Inspire and entertain your students with a high energy keynote.

Preparing for interview in library

Mock Interviews

Prepare your students to ace their interviews.

Shift provides an unparalleled interview training experience.


Shift Training Experience

Interviewing is a teachable skill and most colleges don’t have the staff to dedicate to teaching it. Let Shift provide the only tool a student will need to learn how to interview.

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✔ Types of interviews to prepare for

✔ How to answer interview questions

✔ Worksheets on how to craft great interview answers

✔  Cover letter, Thank you email and Resume templates

✔ To Do List so your students don’t miss a step


Personalized and Affordable Interview Coaching

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Prepare your students to land their first job and give them the interviewing skills to land their dream jobs throughout their careers.

With our proprietary Interview Style Quiz, you can provide personalized interview coaching to your students without needing to staff up.

Temple University career center

"I first met Anna when she was recruiting our students as the Director of Talent at Conner, Strong & Buckelew. When she started Shift, I asked her to re-design our interview preparation program. Over the last 7 years she has transformed our students. She has taken the preparation of our students to another level and our industry partners notice. She has the experience of being on both sides of the table. Anna knows what recruiters are looking for and she knows how to bring out the best in our students."

Rob B. Drennan Associate Professor & Department Chair of Risk Management

Temple University
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Interviewing is about to change...

Meet Anna Papalia, Founder & Inventor of the SHIFT Profile


Until now, there have been two options; buy an interview prep book filled with general information that will only pertain to you some of the time or hire a career coach for expensive personalized advice. 


Now, there is a third, the SHIFT Profile. I created the SHIFT Profile™ to determine your interview style so that I can provide everyone the same personalized coaching I provide my private clients.

Anna Papalia

Founder & CEO of SHIFT

A better interview is a just a click away.