Our Mission

Why Shift?


The difference between a successful interview and a bad interview is often just a small SHIFT. A SHIFT in our behavior, tone of voice or answer often unlocks the next opportunity. It's not about being pretending to be something you aren't, it's about being the best version of yourself. We bring out the best in our clients.

We believe


Not everyone interviews the same way. We believe that in order to teach people how to interview we must help people understand their interview style. Giving everyone the same advice doesn't work. We can't prescribe a cure, if there's no diagnosis.

Who we are


We can help anyone in any industry. All of us have been on both sides of the table and know what it takes to get the job. We have interviewed and we have coached and we have hired. We know interviewing.

Our promise


Everyone improves with coaching, preparation, and practice. You will too, if you have the right guide to help you on your interviewing journey.


our methodology


Our methodology rests not on educated guesses, but on informed decisions based on data. We are scientists, researchers, and trainers. We can teach you the science of interviewing.


Our process


Each step of our process revolves around you. We discover your needs, distill your priorities, test your interview style, train you and provide you with data.



Interviewing is our expertise.


Resumes Reviewed


Workshops Taught


Job Seekers Taught


SHIFT Profiles Sold

Meet the SHIFT team.

Anna Papalia

CEO & Founder, Shift Profile - Open Diplomat
If you were an animal, which animal would you be – and why? Ha! A personality question, well, I know how to answer this. I would be an elephant. They are wise…

Russell Rollins

Coach, Shift Profile - Open Examiner
"People on both sides of the table lose sight of the fact that an interview is a conversation."
Trainer & Coach, Shift Profile - Open Diplomat
"I have a first-hand understanding of how grueling this process can be, and I am committed to make it less taxing and more fun."
Coach, Shift Profile - Open Examiner
"I am always willing to sit and listen to anyone if they need to (or just simply want to) talk."
Data Anaylsis Consultant, Shift Profile - Reserved Examiner
David is a member of a dozen fantasy sports leagues including multiple fantasy football leagues
Coach, Shift Profile - Reserved Diplomat


"For years, I worked in recruiting and sat helpless as candidates and hiring managers made simple mistakes. I couldn’t feed them good answers. I couldn’t slip them a list of insightful questions to ask. And I certainly couldn’t give them any negotiating tips. I decided that what I wanted to do was teach people on both sides of the table how to interview."

Anna Papalia

Founder & CEO of SHIFT

What's your interview style?


"I want to be liked." 

As an Open Diplomat, 

"I want to fit in."

As a Reserved Diplomat

"I want to be me."

As an Open Examiner, 

"I want to get it right."

As a Reserved Examiner

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