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The Shift Profile is an assessment tool that reveals your personal interview style and offers expert coaching to help you master your next interview.


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Get a customized interview prep workbook to prepare for interviews


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Shift Profile teaches the science of effective interviewing.

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We partner with colleges to prepare students to interview for jobs and achieve success after graduation.

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For Companies

We help organizations make better hires, keep turnover low and develop managers into stellar interviewers. 


When you invest in yourself, you also invest in others.

For every Shift Profile we sell we donate one to someone who was recently incarcerated through our partnership with JEVS.

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Interviewing is our expertise.


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What our clients are saying.

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"Working with Shift helped me build the confidence that I needed to interview to the best of my capabilities and score my dream job. My individualized profile revealed what I typically do best during an interview and pinpointed what I should work on in order to reach my highest potential. I owe it to Shift for teaching me how to interview and I highly recommend their services for anyone who wants to learn interview skills." 


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"The previous interview training I have been through has always focused on fitting myself into a template of the "ideal candidate." However, my Shift Profile taught me that everyone has a different approach to interviewing. The Shift Profile pinpointed my unique attributes. and taught me how to emphasize the positive aspects of my interview style." 


Zack job interview preparation

"My Shift Profile was astonishingly accurate and helpful. The profile helped me understand my own style of interviewing (which I didn't even know I had) and then helped me build on that style to interview like a pro." 


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"My Shift Profile was very accurate! It brought up things about me that I never thought about." 


Tyler interview preparation

"Getting my Shift Profile was the best thing that I ever did to help myself grow as a professional. The tips and tools it provided me with allowed me to understand my weaknesses. Not only did it help me understand these weaknesses, but also coached me through how to improve them, and provided techniques and solutions that helped me become the professional that I am today." 


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"It's a breath of fresh air to see my behaviors and personality put into words. The Profile was spot on, I was able to use it to showcase my strengths and skills. Needless to say, I got the job!" 



For every Shift Profile we sell we donate one to <br> someone who was recently incarcerated through our partnership with JEVS.

Buy one. Give one.

Rohan interview preparation

"We all stress over interviews, working with Shift alleviated that unnecessary stress and allowed me to feel completely comfortable in any interview."


Career Coaching with SHIFT profile

“This was so helpful. I really like the thought exercises. They are very beneficial. It enabled me to think about how to develop some of my soft skills.”


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“It was scary accurate.”


Dressing for the interview

“I could not believe how accurate the profile really was. It made me realize what parts of interviewing where I was strong, and where I needed the most improvement.”


ASI Certification

Shift Profile is
ASI & SHRM Certified!

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Anna Papalia Founder & CEO

Interviewing is about to change...

Meet Anna Papalia, Founder & Inventor of Shift Profile


Until now, there have been two options; buy an interview prep book filled with general information that will only pertain to you some of the time or hire a career coach for expensive personalized advice. 


Now, there is a third, the SHIFT Profile. I created the SHIFT Profile™ to determine your interview style so that I can provide everyone the same personalized coaching I provide my private clients.

Anna Papalia

Founder & CEO of SHIFT

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